The Thickest Glacier Is Felting Due to Climate Change

The Taku Glacier located in Alaska’s Juneau Icefield was a poster child for the frozen locations holding their very own towards climate change. As the biggest of 20 main glaciers within the area and one of many single thickest glaciers on the planet (it measures 4,860 ft, or 1,480 meters, from floor to ground), Taku had been demonstrably gaining mass and spreading farther into the close by Taku river for practically half a century, whereas all of its neighboring glaciers shrank. Now, it seems these glory days are over.

In a brand new pair of satellite images shared by NASA’s Earth Observatory, the sluggish decline of Taku Glacier has lastly turn into obvious. Taken in August 2014 and 2018, the pictures present the icy platforms the place the glacier meets the river retreating for the primary time since scientists started finding out Taku, in 1946.

Whereas the shrinkage is delicate for now, the outcomes are nonetheless stunning. In response to glaciologist Mauri Pelto, who has studied the Juneau Icefield for 3 decades, Taku was predicted to proceed to advance for the remainder of the century. Not solely have these indicators of retreat arrived about 80 years forward of schedule, Pelto stated, however, in addition, they snuff a symbolic flicker of hope within the race to grasp local weather change. Of 250 mountain glaciers that Pelto has studied all over the world, Taku was the one one who hadn’t clearly begun to retreat.

Pelto found Taku Glacier’s retreat as a part of brand new research revealed Oct. 14 within the journal Remote Sensing.  If a glacier loses more mass to melting than its positive aspects from snow accumulation throughout a selected year, its snow line strikes to greater altitudes. The relative place of this line can assist researchers in calculating adjustments within the glacier’s mass from year to year.


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