Seafloor Hurricanes Can Start a Stormquake

Scientists have recognized a brand new seismic phenomenon the place hurricanes and main storms trigger vibrations on the ocean flooring equal to a magnitude three.5 earthquake.

Wenyuan Fan, an assistant professor of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science at Florida State University, who led the analysis, describes the phenomena as “stormquakes.”

“Throughout a storm season, hurricanes or nor’ easters switch vitality into the ocean as sturdy ocean waves, and the waves work together with the stable earth producing intense seismic supply exercise,” Fan mentioned, in a press release from the American Geophysical Union.

The analysis has been accepted for publication within the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Fan and his fellow researchers studied seismic information from USArray, a community of seismographs, in keeping with Florida State University. AGU experiences that the scientists analyzed information from September 2009 to February 2019 and located a link between sturdy storms and “intense seismic exercise.” The researchers recognized greater than 10,000 stormquakes off the coast of New England, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico within the U.S, in addition to in Canadian waters off Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and British Columbia.

Scientists discovered that stormquakes happen in sure areas, noting that the phenomenon didn’t happen off the coast of Mexico or off the U.S. east coast between Georgia and New Jersey. The devastating Hurricane Sandy, for instance, didn’t spark a stormquake.

Regardless of the scary mashup of a hurricane and an earthquake, specialists say that stormquakes aren’t harmful as a result of nobody is standing on the seafloor throughout a hurricane.


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