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Joyce Miller
Chief Editor

Hi and welcome to Science News Press. I am Joyce, the chief editor of the website. I have never looked down on the people working here as employees; instead, they have always been a family and friends to me. Most of them are from science background; hence discussions are always very much logical and exciting. It is a treat to work with these guys, and therefore I will introduce them to you.

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Christopher Jones
Sub Editor

Christopher is working as the sub-editor here. He is one of the jolliest people in this organization. He loves his work as much as he loves reading. Though he is from a non-science background, he knows a lot about the occurrences and all thanks to his habit of reading. I tend to blindly trust in his edited articles because they are always accurate; sometimes I become clueless about how he does it.

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Jesus Rust
Contributing Author

Jesus is leading the environment column. He is a very renowned environmentalist and has worked in many projects, some of which are based in faraway lands too. He always encourages environment conservation and sometimes keeps small group talks about the concerns. His writing and editing skills act the cheery on the top of the cake.

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Maria Sandoval
Contributing Author

Maria is leading the column providing news about outer space. Her imaginations backed up by logical reasoning have always created exciting topics of debate and discussions. She has a double degree in physics as well as chemistry, and hence this has enhanced her skills to a sky high. Her achievements in the field of theories related to outer spaces still shine on the walls of her cabin.

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Jennifer Oliver
Contributing Author

Jennifer is working as the lead of the physics column and just as her designation depicts she is a student of physics and a very knowledgeable person. She has a habit of reading books related to physics and articles pertaining to new demands being created in the field of physics. The best part about her is she believes in manually searching out information for her articles which makes them one of a kind.

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Julie Marin
Contributing Author

Julie is leading the genetics column. She is a student of biotechnology and a passionate writer. She chooses her words very carefully while writing so that they don’t sound boring or too creative. Her articles always bear the theme of the information that she wants to portray. She writes effortlessly and straightforwardly. In her leisure time, she loves to sit in the cafeteria and sip her favorite cup of espresso.

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