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One of the Best Way to Cope Up With Climate Change Is the Floating City Concept

As glaciers soften and sea ranges rise, coastal cities are searching for methods to deal with the rising risk of flooding. Seawalls are one choice, and green technologies another. However, one startup is making waves with its idea for city areas designed not to withstand rising water; however to drift on it.

Illustrations of what the corporate calls Oceanix City present a leafy enclave constructed on floating concrete platforms, every covering nearly five acres and moored to the seafloor in shallow waters. The platforms are linked by walkways to type cohesive communities with all the trimmings of city life, with a sustainable twist: buildings made of timber from sustainable forests; vertical farms, greenhouses and underwater gardens; renewable energy sources like wind and solar; sewage and waste-recycling techniques; and desalination vegetation to supply potable water.

The floating platforms are being created by the Center for Ocean Engineering on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whereas the above-water constructions are designed by the New York and Copenhagen-primarily based Bjarke Ingels Group of architects. Oceanix, which is integrated in Hong Kong and headed by Collins Chen in New York, is bringing their experience collectively.

Collins Chen stated the modular design would enable floating cities to increase to accommodate rising inhabitants. Six of the hexagonal platforms might type a floating village sufficiently big to carry nearly 2,000 folks. Six communities mixed to suit a floating metropolis may accommodate 10,000.

The Oceanix City idea has gained help from the United Nations,  U.N.-Habitat or whose Human Settlements Program, held a roundtable discussion on the concept on the U.N.’s New York headquarters this month.

In any case, this isn’t the first time somebody has floated such a thought. Thün mentioned cities constructed on waves have lengthy held a fascination for architects and designers. Proponents embody the legendary Buckminster Fuller, who in 1967 proposed building “Triton City,” a floating residence for 5,000 individuals anchored directly offshore of Tokyo; and a Singapore-primarily based group known as Blue Frontiers that in 2017 proposed constructing a floating village for 300 people in Tahiti.

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