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Naming A New Planet Can Be A Lifetime Opportunity

Being allowed to formally title a planetary body is a privilege that few are ever granted. Sometimes, new planets, moons, and different giant objects present in the area are named by the individual or group that found them; however, a lot of them are by no means formally named in any respect, sitting with their scientifically-designated label for years.

The minor planet 2007 OR10 is one such world and, though it was initially found in July 2007, it by no means acquired an official identification. Now its discoverers need recommendations on what its identity needs to be, and you can help.

Researchers Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown, and David Rabinowitz have been those that first detected 2007 OR10 hanging out on the perimeters of our solar system in a region known as the Kuiper Belt. The belt is full of loose particles in addition to bigger sub-planet-sized worlds; however, 2007 OR10 is the most significant such object that doesn’t but has an official name.

Submitting a planet name is a considerably sophisticated endeavor, even for the folks who discovered it. Sure standards should be met before the International Astronomical Union will settle for a reputation, so the scientists have given you a trio of potential names that match the invoice: Gonggong, Holle, and Vili.

The three names are nods to historical gods of varied origins, and you may learn extra about every identifies on the official naming page. After going over the specifics of the minor planet and studying about what everyone identifies means you possibly can substantial your vote for which moniker you suppose matches finest.

The ballot will stay open for around a month, so that you’ll cast your vote by midnight on May 10th if you would like it to rely on. No matter identify wins shall be submitted to the IAU as a proper suggestion for the title of 2007 OR10 by its discoverers, and has an excellent likelihood it should change into the official name of the new world.


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